NCDA's Second Century – Our Legacy Continues

By Deneen Pennington, NCDA Executive Director

NCDA celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2013. To commemorate this remarkable event, NCDA is launching a Second Century initiative. We invite you to play a significant role in launching this initiative. As a major contributor, you will strengthen the foundation which bridges NCDA’s 2013 Centennial celebration to its second century. NCDA’s leadership is essential in advancing career interventions, programs, and policy, both nationally and internationally. Its member-led research efforts and commitment to educate the public about resources is essential. Few conversations at the dinner table, classroom, or policy board go without mentioning the need for career assistance.


Our fundraising goal is set at raising $200,000 by the end of the centennial year. The fund will be used to expand NCDA’s leadership development, research, and public education and visibility over the next five years. Second Century resources will be committed to the following goals:


  1. Expand Leadership Academy to ensure a quality succession plan for future NCDA Leadership

  2. Create targeted research program to build public awareness of career development interventions/ effectiveness

  3. Create a Next Generation NCDA Website.


To contribute to the NCDA Second Century Initiative, complete the attached Second Century Donor Form and return it to Deneen Pennington at the address below. NCDA’s fundraising will continue through January 31, 2014. Any donation amount is acceptable. We hope you will join us in this important effort!


It is with pleasure and sincere gratitude that we thank the following donors who have already contributed to this vital initiative:


Rich Feller

Jane Goodman & George Grisdale

Thomas & Joan Harrington

JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey

David Reile & Barbara Suddath

Michael Shahnasarian

E. Niel Carey

Janet Lenz & Robert Reardon

Cheri Butler

Barry Chung

Denny Engels

Norman Gysbers

Sunny Hansen

Roger Lambert

Charles Lehman

Julie Miller

Carole Minor

Deneen Pennington

Mark Pope

Lee Richmond

Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Lisa Severy

Carol Vecchio

Garry Walz and Jeanne Bleuer

Career Consultants Forum (Korea)

Edward Colozzi

Paul Timmins

Rebecca Dedmond


Deneen Pennington, NCDA Executive Director


305 N. Beech Circle

Broken Arrow, OK 74012


Questions-  email: dpennington@ncda.org



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