NCDA Celebrates 100th Anniversary

By Melanie Reinersman, Career Convergence Editor

In honor of NCDA's 100th anniversary, Career Convergence is publishing articles of historical significance. This month, our web magazine is reprinting articles from our debut issue in 2003.

Below is the article published earlier this year detailing our celebration.

2013 marks the 100th anniversary of NCDA! Originally named the National Vocational Guidance Association (NVGA), the first President was Frank Leavitt. “It was through humble beginnings, where career development was born and began to thrive,” stated Rich Feller, NCDA President (2012-2013).


Here is a start on how we can all celebrate together:


The annual Global Career Development Conference, July 8-10, Boston.

The conference will highlight a series of memorable anniversary events, in addition to the comprehensive professional development institutes, special tours, keynote and featured speakers, and rich learning experiences.


The Career Development Quarterly 2013 Special Series

The Journal is publishing a special series of articles around historical developments connected to career counseling and to NCDA. In each issue in 2013 (March, June, September, December), two articles will be published. The editors of this series are Rich Feller and Dale Furbish. Drs. Feller and Furbish have enlisted an esteemed group of authors to write these articles, and it is hoped that they are informative and useful for the NCDA membership and the CDQ readership. Members access the CDQ online, when logged in. Remember, all ACA division journals' back issue files have been digitized and are available electronically through the Wiley Online Library, from Volume 1, Number 1 to the present. Members can even read the 1952 Vocational Guidance Quarterly – CDQ's predecessor!



Historical Articles published in Career Convergence.

Beginning with the February 1st issue, the NCDA web magazine will include documents from the years surrounding the 1913 debut of NVGA. View the Feature Articles for our Roots #1, #2, #3, #4, & #5. Also, articles covering current trends will include a reference to the historical perspective of the topic.

Ten Ideas That Changed Career Development: A Monograph to Celebrate the Centennial of the National Career Development Association (1913-2013)

By Mark Savickas

The year 2013 marked the centennial of the National Career Development Association. To celebrate the milestone, research was conducted to identify ten ideas that have changed the career development field. After gathering opinions from 54 NCDA members about the discourses and practices that have shaped the field, a monograph was compiled. This unique and powerful monograph taps 11 current career development leaders to explain how these core ideas continue to drive present practice and inspire new directions.


Career Developments Magazine looks to the Future.

“Celebrating Career Development in the Next 100 Years” is the theme of the first issue of Volume 29. Many advances will be made to our field in the future and NCDA members can rely on the magazine to aide in the process of honoring and valuing the work we do. Also, each issue in 2013 will include a list of significant dates in the history of career development.


NCDA Website includes the NCDA Mission and History

Listed under “About NCDA”, this section gives a brief overview of the history of our organization. A list of NVGA/NCDA Past Presidents is included – see how many names you recognize!


Members and Career Convergence readers can share their memories by using the Comments section below.

Click on “Leave a Comment” on this or any Career Convergence article to contribute your message to the historical celebration!



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