Ken Hoyt Career Education Practitioner Award

By Roger Lambert and Niel Carey

A fund to establish an award to honor Ken Hoyt’s leadership in the field of career education was established in 2008 as a joint effort of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the American Association for Career Education (AACE). The fund project grew out of the initiative of friends and colleagues of Ken: Niel Carey, Al Gallagher, Roger Lambert, Dave Livers and Pat Wickwire. Roger Lambert chairs the group and serves as the liaison with the NCDA Board of Directors. Pat Wickwire serves as the liaison with AACE.


The purpose of the fund is to provide recognition and a monetary award to a career education practitioner or practitioners who have through their work exemplified the career education concepts and practices Dr. Hoyt championed throughout his lifetime. The fund is being held in trust by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) for this purpose. NCDA and AACE have established selection criteria for the award; they publicize the award and continue to solicit contributions to the fund. Once the formation of the fund was announced, generous contributions were received from a large number of donors. The award is presented at the NCDA summer conference. The first award was presented to Craig Ratzlaff, in 2009 and the second award was presented to Doug Nichols in 2010.


Dr. Hoyt's Inspiring Career

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Hoyt (1924-2008) led the effort to make career education an integral part of the educational program for students at all levels. Dr. Hoyt was one of the great and influential leaders of the guidance and counseling profession. Often referred to as the “father” of the career education movement, Dr. Hoyt emphasized the importance of work as a major factor in human growth and development. He worked diligently as a counselor educator at the University of Iowa and later as President of the American Counseling Association and the National Career Development Association. Ken’s career then took him to the University of Maryland where he strengthened his national visibility and was offered the position as Associate Commissioner for Career Education by then Commissioner of Education, Sid Marland. His convincing rationale for career education as a major tool for education reform in America, the legislative authority of the Career Education section of the Elementary and Secondary Amendments of 1974, and the creation of the National Advisory Committee on Career Education were major tools for implementing this priority. Hoyt was an inspiring teacher, adviser, mentor, advocate, and role model. NCDA and AACE are pleased to support this memorial fund.


Contributing to the Memorial Fund

Individuals wishing to remember Ken and help ensure that his legacy lives on through the annual Career Education Practitioner award are encouraged to make a contribution to the Ken Hoyt Memorial fund. NCDA, as trustee of these funds, is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and as such contributions to this fund may be tax deductible to the contributor. Please confer with your tax advisor to determine your specific eligibility. NCDA will issue each contributor a receipt confirming the contributed amount. An honor roll of contributors will be listed on the NCDA Website, in the AACE newsletter and presented as appropriate in other forms. The contributed amount from each contributor will not be made public.

Send contribution to: NCDA, 350 N Beech Circle, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 Attention Deneen Pennington



Career Education Practitioner Award Application Criteria (applicants may be self nominated or nominated by a colleague) Applicants aspiring to compete for this award should document the degree to which they meet or exceed the following criteria.


The ideal recipient of the Career Education Practitioner Award :

  1. Is providing a high level of integrated career education programs, services, instruction or supervision that serves students or adults,

  2. Is well qualified through education and training to deliver career education programs, instruction, services or supervision and

  3. Has demonstrated a high level of success of their career education programs, instruction, services or supervision to the stake holders in their community.


Applications should not exceed two singled spaced pages of material that describe the significance of the career education program, services, instruction or supervision provided by the applicant. This description must address the three criteria listed above to be considered. In addition to the two content pages, the application must have a cover page with the applicants name, address, contact information, current position, employer, education, NCDA or AACE membership documentation and any other professional information the applicant wishes to convey.


Roger Lambert, is a former NCDA President, 2001-2002 and can be reach at rhlamber@wisc.edu.
Niel Carey
, is a former NCDA Executive Director, 1984-1993, and can be reached at enielcarey@aol.com.


See all NCDA Awards and submit your nominations before the deadline. Winners will be announced at the annual NCDA Career Development Conference . Please join us in celebrating these inspiring people!



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