Statement of Beliefs Announced

100 Year Celebration of Career Guidance and Education Steering Committee


NCDA has joined with the Association for Career and Technical Education, National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium, Society for Vocational Psychology, and Kuder, Inc.  to promote a 100 Year Celebration of Career and Education Guidance.  The Steering Committee for the 100 Year Celebration of Career Guidance and Education was formed to promote this significant milestone in the history of CTE as well as create broad-based awareness for the prominent role of CTE in creating America's workforce.  In addition, NCDA has adopted its own Legislative Agenda, which will be highlighted here in Career Convergence in September.  Watch www.ncda.org for more details. 

Washington, D.C., July 10th, 2008 - Today, organizers of the 100 Year Celebration of Career Guidance and Education announced a Statement of Beliefs, a visionary document that outlines their commitment to promoting ongoing public policy development and advocacy support for Career and Technical Education (CTE). The Statement of Beliefs formalizes key principles as they relate to education and guidance, lifelong career decision making and management skills, and appropriate professional development opportunities for our nation's educators, counselors, and career development leaders.


"America is facing a crucial junction in the history of its workforce," said Darrell Luzzo, 2007-08 President, National Career Development Association (NCDA). "Career and Technical Education (CTE) today plays a leading role in shaping the American workforce and the economy of tomorrow. If we do not continue to push for legislation, create public policy and advocate for the role of CTE in our educational system, we will fall enormously short of meeting the demands of our ever-changing workforce," added Luzzo. "The rallying call put forth by this Statement of Beliefs must be heeded in order to keep America strong and prosperous."

High-quality CTE programs can ensure America's future competiveness through increased student engagement, the innovative integration of math, science and literacy skills and by meeting the needs of both employers and the economy as a whole.

The Committee formulated these beliefs as an important step towards ensuring that stakeholders in the continued economic prosperity of the U.S. - government, educators, business and industry, and all citizens - have the tools and resources necessary to guarantee success.
Key Articles within the Statement of Beliefs:

1. Every student and adult shall have access to useful information and effective guidance in setting personal and career goals that align with their unique interests, talents, strengths, aspirations, and values.

2. Every student graduates high school with lifelong career decision-making and management skills that are necessary to succeed in postsecondary education, training, and the workplace.

3. Every educator, school counselor, and career development professional shall have access to appropriate professional development opportunities necessary in order to do their job more effectively and better help their students/clients with academic achievement, lifelong learning, and career management.

"America will be a strong, competitive country when individuals have career knowledge and skills that align with their passions and interests," added Luzzo. "It's now more critical than ever that we focus on continuing to provide the necessary funding and support to continue to do great things in America while creating the workforce of the future."

To learn more about the Statement of Beliefs, or to become a supporter of the 100 Year Celebration of Career Guidance and Education, please visit www.celebratecareers.com or contact Marti Martz, 100 Year Celebration PR Liaison at 515-314-5979 or martzm@kuder.com.



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