Gracias, Merci, Arigato!

To all those who stepped up to the call to service to our professional association, NCDA thanks you. Certainly Board members and chairpersons work hard year round to achieve the organization's goals, but all NCDA volunteers deserve a "pat-on-the-back" for their contributions!

Recently, an invitation went out to members to serve as mentors in the Mentoring Program . Within a few short hours the program added five new mentors! Currently, over 110 mentees are benefiting from the wisdom and experience of over 80 mentors.

The newly formed Leadership Academy wishes to express gratitude for all those providing assistance on the annual projects. Many thanks go to the members who recently completed the electronic surveys.

Career Convergence is published by a team of 14 editors. Authors voluntarily submit articles, resulting in over 250 archived articles. This practical resource, which is distributed to over 11,000 emails monthly, would not be possible without the donations of time and effort by the editors and authors!

Of course professional association membership has numerous benefits to the individual. However, those who volunteer make the association more successful for all members! Naturally, then the professional as a whole benefits. NCDA not only expresses its gratitude via membership benefits, but also invites everyone to participate in the EORO campaign for a chance to win significant prizes.

If you are not currently a volunteer, but would like to be active in the organization, please review the website for details of activities and committees , many of which are published in the Career Development Newsletter and in the board meeting minutes .

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