Career Convergence Top 20 Over 20 Years!

Want to know which Career Convergence articles have been read the most? Follow along as we reveal the highest hit articles over the past 20 years.*

Cc Anniversary Graphic TwitterReaders of Career Convergence can search the 1500+ articles in the archives anytime to find support for their work as career professionals. Remember, the search box under the logo looks at the entire publication and the search box in a department's archive, looks only in that department.


To make our countdown even more exciting we have divided the list of articles into topics. Here is the first set of high hit articles (in no particular order):

Who are you helping today? The highest hit articles in Career Convergence over the past 20 years cover diverse populations:

Career Planning for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome - By Barbara Bissonnette

Creating A Personal Power Statement - By Cara D. Cockman-Bliss

Helping Students See High School as a Stepping Stone to Their Future - By Manesseh Moore

Navigating Changes to the 180-Day Rule for Retiring Military - By Stacy Hojnowski 

The School Counselor's Role in Supporting Teen Moms with Career Development - by Mary-Beth Muskin

Career Exploration in First Grade - By Deb Osborn

Career Development as a Retention Tool: Early Intervention for Incoming Deciding Freshmen - By Wendy Becker-Jamison and Wendy LaBenne

Positive Psychology Techniques for K-12 Career Counseling - by Louis V. Paradise and Dawn Romano Ironside

Adjusting the Career Counseling Process for Individuals with Non-Apparent Disabilities - By Janine Rowe

The Goldilocks Challenge: Getting Postsecondary Education Advice Just Right - By Janet Wall

Now we have added the second set of top articles from Career Convergence over the past 20 years:

Are you attending to your practice AND utilizing theory? The highest hit articles in Career Convergence over the past 20 years supports you where you are in your daily work:

The 6 Stages of Modern Career Development - by Michelle L. Casto

30 Tips for New Career Counselors - By Maureen Nelson

Using Gottfredson’s Theory of Circumscription and Compromise at the Elementary Level - By Glenda S. Johnson

Mentoring and Socialization for New Career Development Professionals: 5 Steps for Success - By Amanda Williams

Understanding the Role of Unconscious Conflict in Career Counseling - By Lynn Friedman

DOVE: A Values-Based Career Recipe For Success and Satisfaction - By Edward Colozzi

The STEPs for Documenting Career Counseling Sessions - By Rhonda Sutton

Solution-Focused Career Counseling - By Mary Ann Looby

Metaphor: A New Way Of Thinking About Careers - by Kerr Inkson


Now we share another set of top articles from Career Convergence:

Need to add a DEI foundation to your work with clients? The highest hit articles in Career Convergence over the past 20 years can enhance your cultural competence.

Intersectionality - By Yamonte Cooper

Multicultural Career Counseling Competence: 5 Key Tips for Improving Practice - By Richard Orbé-Austin

Five Best Practices for Cross-Cultural Mentoring in Organizations - By Rhonda L. Norman


And now for the last set of top articles from Career Convergence:

The world of work can be challenging! The highest hit articles in Career Convergence over the past 20 years offer an exploration of lifestyles, sustainability, happenstance and more!

Green and Sustainability Jobs and Career Resources - By Debra Rowe

Stop Saying Career “path”! - By Eric Anderson

Career Development Opportunities Can Be Found by Looking at Own Job - By Maggie McCormick

Natural Abilities: Beyond Basic Understanding - By Dori Stiles

A Practical 'Happenstance' or 'Voyage' Exercise - By Eric Anderson

Career Counseling is a Valuable Benefit for Employees - by Linda Ginac

A Healthy Lifestyle Increases Career Success - By Nancy J. Miller


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* Keep in mind that articles that have been in the archives longer have more time to accrue hits while recently posted articles have been dispersed to wider audiences. To read about award-winning articles, please view: "Celebrating 20 Years: Career Convergence Recognizes its Founders, Editors and Contributors".

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