360° Feedback: Questions Regarding Strengths and Development

by Claudette Nowell-Philipp

Questions regarding identified strengths:

       -Which of my highest rated skills are motivated strengths? (I do well and enjoy using this skill.) Which of my highest rated skills would I prefer to minimize in my current or future positions.

       -Who else, aside from my feedback providers, knows these are my best skills? Who else in the organization would benefit from knowing this about me?

       -How can I proactively manage my professional reputation? What projects or assignments might enable me to showcase my skills, provide greater organizational value-add, or increase my visibility?

       -Aside from my current job, what other positions are a "good fit" with my best technical skills and business competencies?

       -Are my motivated strengths clearly communicated in my current resume? If not, how can I edit my career summary and/or accomplishment statements to more effectively mirror these strengths?

         -Have I developed an engaging "sound bite" that verbally communicates my best skills and experience when making first-time introductions? How can my 360° Feedback data help me in developing my "sound bite?"

        -Can I back up my 360° Feedback data with job related examples? When interviewing, do I use behavioral stories that provide clear and credible examples that support my resume and stated skills?

Questions regarding development or improvement areas:

       -Is there an identifiable pattern with my lowest rated skills?

       -Are there any surprises? In light of my current performance goals and responsibilities, are any of these development areas in need of immediate action? What are the risks if I decide to take no action?

       -Which of my development areas operate as barriers and negatively impact my performance or career opportunities? What action should I take to eliminate these barriers?

       -How can I minimize the requirement for this skill in my current and/or future positions?

     -Do I have development blind spots? (e.g. others consistently rate me lower than I rate myself). What might be the cause? How are they affecting my job performance, reputation, and future career opportunities? How motivated am I to address these blind spots? What action can I take?

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