The Value of Appreciation

By Marie Haraburda

Empathy and appreciation go hand-in-hand, and as career development professionals, we use these tools to let others know that we are really listening to them, supporting their feelings, and choosing to validate them in the spirit of humankind. Empathy does not mean that we necessarily feel what the other person feels, but we let the other person know that it is okay to feel that feeling. It is a human thing. Empathy connects us to those around us in warmth. It gives us space to breathe. It helps us to be mindful. Appreciation is also important in the helper-client relationship (Apadoca et al., 2020). In particular, it aids wellness when moments of appreciation are reflected upon. Writing down affirmations of other group members promotes a spirit of appreciation throughout the community or organization (Hardaway, 2019). Empathy and appreciation create an environment of mindfulness to de-stress and calm us, and bring clarity and peace. We become better versions of ourselves. And, we help others to be their best, too!

As NCDA career development professionals, we are dedicated to helping others be the best that they can be. Most of us practice empathy and appreciation on a daily basis. Peer recognition is a special type of appreciation, particularly when a national award in conferred. What better way is there to enhance a mindfulness environment than to appreciate your colleague, university, business, or yourself, than by recognizing and submitting a nomination for an NCDA Award?

2022 Nominations Are Now Open

The NCDA Awards offer many opportunities for individual or group recognition. Your appreciation can be showcased across the following award categories:

  1. Eminent Career 
  2. Exemplary Career Center (two categories: 1. Education, Government and Business; 2. Non-profit, Community Organizations) 
  3. Diversity Initiative 
  4. Graduate Student Research 
  5. International Practitioner of the Year 
  6. Legislative 
  7. Merit 
  8. NCDA Fellow 
  9. Outstanding Career Practitioner 
  10. Service to International Students 

While appreciation and recognition could take many forms in our field, the NCDA awards criteria and nomination process is set by the Awards Committee.  Please access the 2022 NCDA Awards Nomination Form from our online Awards webpage.

There are two completed Sample Nomination Packets for you to review on the Awards page on our website. One packet is an example of an individual nomination and the other is a group award submission. Note that not all awards listed on the Awards webpage require the nomination form.

All NCDA Awards nominations are due by Monday, January 31, 2021 at midnight EST (Eastern Time). Questions may be addressed to Alicia Cheek at acheek@ncda.org. Note that the nomination includes references and supporting documents, so starting in advance of the deadline is essential. Any NCDA member may submit an award nomination for another member for any of the award categories. Self-nomination is also welcome. All nominators and nominees are required to be NCDA members with exception of the Legislative Award (i.e., local, state and national legislators are eligible nominees for the legislative Award). Of course, references for any award can also be non-members.

Award Ribbon

The NCDA Awards Committee, or other specified NCDA group, will use each unique award criteria to select recipients. One winner will be selected per award category unless otherwise noted in the Award’s description. The Awards Committee offers this Pro Tip: Before you submit, be sure that the information in your nomination packet matches the award criteria for selection. 

Previous award winners are listed on the website and members are encouraged to view the past lists as part of the recognition and appreciation process. The 2022 winners will receive their awards at the Global Career Development Conference in Anaheim, CA in June of 2022. Additionally, winners will be included in the NCDA Career Developments publication. On behalf of the NCDA Awards Committee, we appreciate each and every one of our NCDA Career Development members, and look forward to receiving your award nominations forms!




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Marie HaraburdaMarie Haraburda, GCDF, has been a private practice career coach since 2017 and has contracted with prestigious organizations such as REA-Partners in Transition and the Indiana University Alumni Association. Marie was a career coach with the Indiana University Kelley School of Business from 2011 - 2017, co-presented on the topic of international students at the NCDA annual conference in 2014, served on the inaugural international students work group since 2014, received the NCDA Service to International Students Award for the Kelley School of Business in 2014 and the Exemplary Career Services Award for the Kelley School of Business in 2016, and received individual recognition from the Dean’s office at the Kelley School of Business with a staff merit nomination in 2017. Marie has degrees in Secondary Education, English, and Communications, and has completed 104 hours of training as a co-active coach with the Co-Active Training Institute, in addition to holding her Global Career Development Facilitator’s certification since 2013. Marie was selected for the inaugural Skillful Indiana Governor’s Coaching Corps in 2019. Marie currently serves on the NCDA Awards Committee. She can be reached at marieharaburda@gmail.com



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