NCDA Welcomes New Board Members

By Deneen Pennington, NCDA Executive Director

October 1st marks the beginning of the NCDA fiscal year. David Reile starts his term as NCDA's 97th President. At the close of the most recent election, the following members were voted into positions on the NCDA Board of Trustees:

President-Elect-Elect: Spencer Niles
Treasurer: Brian Hutchison
Trustee-at-Large: Hyung Joon Yoon
Trustee: Agencies, Business/Industry, and Private Practice: Sharon Givens
ACA Governing Representative: Lisa Severy (term starts July 1, 2017, to align with ACA).

Dr. Niles will be the 99th NCDA President and his official presidential year will be October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019.  The full 2016-17 Board of Trustees includes:

President-Elect: Paul Timmins
Secretary: Ellen Weaver-Paquette
Trustee, School Career Counselors and Specialists: Ray Davis
Trustee, Higher Education: Brian Montalvo
Trustee, Counselor Educators & Researchers: Kathy Evans
Trustee, State Divisions: Wendy LaBenne
Past-President: Cynthia Marco Scanlon
Executive Director: Deneen Pennington

Bylaws, Policies and Procedures
The NCDA Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manual set the structure of the Board.

"C. There shall be six Trustees whose work is aligned to meet the needs of all NCDA’s members.
(1) The work of four of the Trustees will address the needs of NCDA members from all work settings, including schools, higher education, agencies, business and industry, private practice, and counselor education and research.
(2) Two additional Trustees shall be assigned to assist with state divisions and specific projects decided by the Board.” (NCDA 2016)

“The primary duties of the Board of Directors shall be to set policy and to give direction to the Association... The Board of Directors shall consist of the president, the president‑elect, the president-elect-elect, the past president, secretary, treasurer, ACA Governing Council representative, and six trustees. The Executive Committee shall consist of president, president-elect, president-elect-elect, past-president, and the Executive Director” (NCDA, 2015). Further, the duties of each of these officers is detailed in the Policy & Procedures Manual.

First Meeting of the New Board
October 20, 2016, this new Board will convene in Mystic, Connecticut at the fall Career Practitioner Institute (CPI). The CPI is a one-day conference on October 21st. During this CPI, several Board members will present workshops to the participants. This serves one of the purposes of the CPI – to offer a level of close interaction between the Board and practitioners through these smaller, regional conferences. From morning registration, through interactive sessions, to breaks and an included luncheon, all participants converse in an more workable setting than the large annual conference. Registration is still open for the Mystic CPI. A future CPI will be offered in Memphis, Tennessee on February 24, 2017.

Board Activities and Contacts
All Board meeting Minutes are posted on the website, under About NCDA: Board (see the left sidebar). View all contact information and short bios on each Board member on the same webpage. Additionally, the Trustees may post information for their respective Constituency Groups, such as conference meeting follow-up notes or relevant links (see Membership: Constituency Groups).

Future Plans
Watch the website for announcements about future plans for the association, the election procedures, and long term goals. Occasionally, Board member activities and interviews are added to the NCDA home page. Finally, chartered state career development associations may contact a Board member to request attendance or keynote at a state event.


Deneen Pennington 2015Deneen Pennington is the NCDA Executive Director. She can be reached at dpennington@ncda.org



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