"Creating Career Interventions to Break Barriers: Empowering Lives and Achieving Equity"

2019 NCDA Conference Call for Proposals

The 2019 NCDA Global Career Development Conference is scheduled to take place in Houston, Texas from June 27 – 29th with Professional Development Institutes on June 26th.

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To submit a proposal, first, please read and follow the Detailed Instructions For Submitting A Proposal For 2019

Next, complete the online application as instructed:

2019 NCDA Conference - Proposal Application

The deadline to submit is midnight, Monday, October 1, 2018.

The conference website, www.ncdaconference.org includes details about the events, keynote speakers, exhibitors, location, and more. Online registration will open before the end of the year.

Please read the invitation to participate in the conference from Spencer Niles, NCDA President 2018-19:

I am thrilled to invite you to what is sure to be a powerful event in your professional development as a career practitioner! 

The NCDA 2019 Conference will focus on Creating Career Interventions to Break Barriers: Empowering Lives and Achieving Equity. This conference theme captures the essence of our work. We each empower others to break through the barriers they encounter in their careers - whether they are systemically based or internally generated.

As career development professionals we realize that helping others clarify and achieve their goals requires creative interventions that keep pace with the challenges people experience today. I promise you that the keynote speakers for this conference (David Whyte, Freeman Hrabowski, and Jane Goodman) will set the stage for creativity and empowerment!  They each are world class speakers whose work embodies the conference theme. 

The setting for our conference is equally fantastic and located in one of the most multicultural and international cities in the United States. So, the table is set for an incredible buffet of learning and sharing of expertise, new ideas, and effective interventions. Please join us and contribute to the richness of this world-class career development conference.  You will be happy you did!  I look forward to seeing you in Houston June 27-29, 2019!

Spencer Niles 2017

Spencer G. Niles
NCDA President, 2018-2019

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