Eliciting Change Talk

By Mary-Catherine McClain

Here are specific examples demonstrating the applicability of motivational interviewing within a career counseling context.


Eliciting Change Talk


Clients can be asked to describe the advantages of change as well as the disadvantages of not changing. For example, “How would you like for things to be different?” or “Could you list several reasons for making this change now?” Alternatively, a client may be asked to discuss concerns or worries about the situation. The following section utilizes OARS to illustrate specific examples.


Counselors may also select from some additional strategies from Miller and Rollnick (2002):



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Mary-Catherine McClain, Ed.S, M.S., is a career advisor in the Career Center at Florida State University and a current doctoral student in the combined Counseling Psychology and School Psychology program. The author gratefully acknowledges the helpful contributions of Dr. Sampson, Dr. Carr and Dr. Lenz to this work. She may be reached at the Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, College of Education, Florida State University, 3210 Stone Building, Tallahassee, FL 32306. Phone: 864-934-2322; Email: mcmmcclain@gmail.com; Fax: 850-644-3273.

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