Creative Students and Career Path Needs

By Kate Siner Francis

Many creative children are taught from a very young age that there is no real place for them to shine. From a young age, these children are trying to learn skills to which their talents are not applicable. As a result, these adolescents are frequently unable to create a satisfying future career. Career counselors are in a position to effect significant change in the lives of creative adolescents but often lack the understanding of this population that would make their interventions more effective.

There have been virtually no studies about creative thinking in adolescents. Most studies have focused on adult creativity leaving practitioners only with an understanding of those who managed to succeed. In fact, most of these studies only focus on the experiences of eminently creative people. Because of their focus, these studies do not offer insights into the dissatisfaction that many creative young people experience on their career path as a result of not being understood.

Creative Traits in Students

            It is vital that career counselor be familiar with the characteristics of creative adolescents. The following is a list of creative traits that can help career counselors spot the creative students they will encounter:

Career Counselors' Role

            Once career counselors can identify creative students, they can play an instrumental role in assisting them to achieve a greater understanding of their gifts and most importantly, the application of these gifts in the world. The support that the creative student receives has a big impact on his or her sense of self worth and selection of a future career.

In conclusion, career counselors are poised to provide essential guidance to a frequently misunderstood or overlooked group -the creative adolescent. Once career counselors have determined that they are working with a creative adolescent, they can teach the student how to leverage his or her skills and apply them in ways to maximize his or her future career success. Career counselors of creative students will be able to provide suitable career choices and provide these adolescents with opportunities for career satisfaction.

Kate Siner FrancisKate Siner Francis, Ph.D., has a private practice in Providence, Rhode Island, in which, she, in part, helps creative individuals find life and career satisfaction. She can be reached at kate@largervisions.com or visit www.largervisions.com


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