February Book Special

Experiential Activities Vol III

Experiential Activities for Teaching Career Counseling Classes and for Facilitating Career Groups, Volume III

This third volume of this best-seller has all new tried-and-true activities designed to present career development concepts in interesting and exciting ways. Developed for use in both classroom and career group settings, these hands-on activities are organized in nine sections: self knowledge and career decisions; career development theory; career assessments; occupational information; job search and workplace issues; designing and delivering career programs and services; diversity, equity, and inclusion in career development; technology and media in career counseling; and comprehensive and culminating activities. (Editors: Dr. Mark Pope, Dr. Carole W. Minor, and Dr. Tracy M. Lara)

On sale thru February 28th! Purchase either the print book or the e-book (PDF) for $30. Shipping and handling charges will be added. Shop the Career Resource Store now!

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